Vocational education grades

2021 grading

2021 courses will be graded using the full range of grading, including fail grades. In 2020, in recognition of the rapid changes to study resulting from COVID-19, fail grades were converted to withdrawn grades (WDR). This process has now concluded. 

Result Not Finalised (RNF) grades

If you can’t complete the full learning requirements for your course in 2021 you will receive a grade of ‘Result Not Finalised (RNF)’. 

Vocational education (VE) final grades

All VE courses are graded using the following competency based grading:


Competency Achieved


Not Yet Competent


Did Not Submit for assessment

SEC Stopped engagement in course
WDR Withdrawn from course
RSC                     Remission (removal) of debt under special circumstances – applies where a student is granted a remission of debt in special circumstances after the census date.

Interim grades

The following range of interim grades also applies to VE courses.


Competency achieved, pending employer sign-off – denotes that RMIT has assessed the student as competent and the employer sign-off is pending (competency based courses only).


Deferred assessment – Denotes that a deferral has been granted to a formal examination or assessment via Special consideration.


Extension of Time – Denotes that an extension of time of greater than seven calendar days has been granted via Special consideration.


Equivalent assessment – denotes that an equivalent assessment has been granted via Special consideration.


Result not finalised:

  • academic delay in finalising the grade
  • an equitable assessment arrangement is in place
  • a project/thesis was not due for submission until the end of the teaching period
  • industry-based assessment
  • approved exchange, study abroad or cross-institutional study course.


Recognition of Prior Learning final result not yet available.


Result withheld industrial


Supplementary assessment granted by a course assessment committee or program assessment board.


Credit transfer and recognition of prior learning grading


Exemption granted


Recognition of Current Competency – Granted


Recognition of Current Competency – Not granted


Recognition of Prior Learning – Granted (appears only for RPLs granted from 2007)


Recognition of Prior Learning – Not granted