Research grades

Final grades






No Assessment Scheduled – this grade will appear each semester until the final grade is recorded

When the examination of a thesis/project is complete one of the following classifications is determined by the Dean, SGR after consideration of the examiners reports and their recommendations:

C1 Passed – no requirement for correction or amendment other than corrections of an editorial nature
C2 Passed, subject to specific, minor amendments that are more than editorial in nature
C3 Revise and resubmit
C4          Failed

Candidates will be advised of the classification and the timeframe in which they have to make any required amendments and submit the final amended version of the thesis/project to the School of Graduate Research.

On lodgement of the final archival version of the research and all required authorisations, a recommendation will be made to the Dean, SGR that the candidate be admitted to the appropriate degree. It is at this time that the final result of PX or NN is coded on the University student system and advice is provided about graduation options.

After the candidate has graduated the conferral information and completion date (archival submission date) will be entered into the University’s student system and an official transcript of results will be issued.


Interim grades


Deferred Assessment – denotes that a deferral has been granted to a formal examination or assessment via Special consideration.


Extension of Time – denotes that an extension of time of more than seven calendar days has been granted via Special consideration.


Equivalent assessment – denotes that an equivalent assessment has been granted via Special consideratio


Credit transfer and external grading


Exemption granted

Monitoring academic progress

HDR candidates are required to demonstrate satisfactory progress throughout the duration of their candidature. Academic progress is formally monitored and documented at each meeting between a candidate and their supervisor/s as a shared responsibility and is also formally measured for individual candidates through the three compulsory candidature milestone reviews organised by the school.

Candidates who are identified as making unsatisfactory progress will be assisted in accordance with the HDR candidate progress management instruction.