Certificate in Cyber Security

This is a foundation programme in Cyber Security suitable for any Cyber Security enthusiast who wishes to gain hands-on experience in ethical hacking. This exclusive program has 56 learning hours and an End-Program exam. Via this programme a student can acquire knowledge and skills related to ethical hacking & cyber security while understanding the importance of information and system security, data security, network security and computer security.

Course Content

Introduction to Cybersecurity
• Why do we need Cyber Security?
• What is Cyber Security?
• The CIA Triad
• Vulnerability, Threat and Risk

History of Cybersecurity
• History of Cyber Security
Cybersecurity Components
• Packet structure
• Network Architecture
• Addressing
• Firewalls

Cybersecurity Frameworks
• Types of Cybersecurity firm works

Fundamentals of Networking
• Network Architectures
• Networking Tools


• About NMAP
• Installation
• Types of Scans using Nmap


Ethical Hacking in Cybersecurity
• About Ethical Hacking
• Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux


Introduction to Cryptography
• What is Cryptography
• Classification of Cryptography
• RSA Cryptography
• Working of Cryptography Algorithm


• What is Steganography?
• Basic Steganography Model
• LSB Steganography Hands on
• Steganography Tools


• What is DOS & DDOS Attack
• How does it work
• Types of DDOS Attacks
• DOS Attack demonstration


Future & Career Opportunities
• Why should you learn Cybersecurity?
• How to become a Cybersecurity Engineer?
• Interview Questions

Entry Requirement

Those who have basic computer knowledge and wish to learn Cybersecurity