Certificate in Business Management

The course content of a business certificate program will include the following subjects: business statistics, operations management, foundations of marketing, financial accounting, microeconomics, organizational behavior, human resource management, and computer applications.

Course Modules

  • The Environment and Corporate Culture
  • Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development
  • Organizational Planning & Goal Setting
  • Managerial Decision-making
  • Fundamentals of Organizing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leading in Organizations

Course Content


CBA 4101:    English Language
CBA 4102:    Communication Skills
CBA 4103:    Information Communication Technology
CBA 4104:    Social Studies
CBA 4105: ­   Economics
CBA 4106:    Entrepreneurship Education
CBA 4107:    Social Research Methods
CBA 4108:­    Office Organization


CBA 4109:    Principles And Practice Of Communication
CBA 4110:    Financial Accounting
CBA 4111: ­   Business Finance
CBA 4112:    Law In Social Development.
CBA 4113:    Kiswahili
CBA 4114:    Mathematics
CBA 4115:    Business Administration And Environment
CBA 4116:    Cost Accounting
CBA 4117:    Trade Project (Not Teachable In Class; Supervisory Unit)
CBA 4118:    Practicum

Entry Requirement

School Leavers
Students awaiting University
Job Seekers