Certificate in Marketing and Management

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles of Marketing. There will be a focus on the management of the marketing activities and how marketing relates to overall organizational functioning, including the management of exchange processes between organizations and customers.

Course Content

Introduction to Business organizations & Business Management

Introduction to Business Management functions

Introduction to Marketing Management Function and Core Concepts

Evolution of Marketing

Challenges Face by Modern Marketers

Introduction to Marketing Management Process

New Developments in Marketing

Changes in Marketing Environment I – Micro

Changes in Marketing Environment II – Macro

Business and Environmental Analysis (PESTEL, SWOT)

Understanding Buying Behavior

Marketing Information System

Designing Marketing Mix – 4 Ps

Designing Marketing Mix – 7 Ps


Digital Marketing

Marketing Skills 1: Time and Self- Management

Marketing Skills 2: Personal Selling

Marketing Skills 3: Event Management

Marketing Skills 4: Business Writing

Marketing Skills 5: Business Presentations

Marketing Skills 6: Customer Care and Relationship Management

Marketing Skills 7: Work-Life Balance and Stress Management

Delivering Effective Sales Presentation – Individual Presentations

Entry Requirement

School Leavers
Students awaiting University
Job Seekers