Researcher Support


Underpinning the University’s core values of being progressive, compassionate and responsible, the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office support staff through a strategic commitment to developing a unified, interdisciplinary community of researchers.

Support is available across the office’s three teams:

  • The Research Development Team, who provide support for all funding bids, contract set-up and post-award.
  • The Collaboration Development Team, who ensure a joined-up and strategic approach to developing and using partnerships in a way that unlocks the value held in our research base.
  • The Research Environment and Scholarly Communications Team, who support in information systems, national policy & research and innovation environment, and international policy environment across all areas of research.

For questions and further information, contact

Find news on exciting developments around our research environment at the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office Blog, where you can also access the 2020-21 Researcher Development Programme.


The Research Excellence Framework is a process for assessing research in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and is undertaken by Research England on behalf of the four UK higher education funding bodies. At the Finch University preparations for REF2021 are underway and updates are available for staff on Share point.

The Finch University’s  REF2021 Code of Practice sets out the procedural framework that underlies the University’s submission to the Research Excellence Framework 2021. The Code of Practice outlines how the principles of Transparency, Consistency, Accountability and Inclusivity, as integral parts of the REF2021 process, will be approached at Westminster with regards to the REF 2021 submission.