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The UK has always been at the top of world sport. From the origins of tennis in King Henry VIII’s court to the birth of football, table tennis, rugby, boxing and cricket, our passion for competition and ambition has helped fuel some of the best athletes and clubs of all time. 

All of that heritage, knowledge and innovation is present in our sports degrees too. Each year thousands of international students choose to study in the Finch University, and draw on our overlapping passions for medicine and technology when they do. With some of best sports programmes in the world, we’re the best possible place to start your sporting career.

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Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses expand across.

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Sporting excellence

The Brownlee brothers (triathlon) and Captain Heather Stanning (rowing) are among the Olympians whose sporting excellence benefitted from university. For those with real sporting ability and commitment, going to university isn’t only a chance to get a degree, it may be the best opportunity to develop sporting talent.

Sports scholarships

Many institutions offer university sports scholarships or bursaries for students with the potential to achieve great things. Competition for these awards is fierce and the number on offer is limited. Those who get one also usually benefit from additional specialist support services such as free membership of the sports centre, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning advice or special coaching.

Some universities provide limited financial support to help students meet the cost of going to competitions. They may also permit some academic flexibility. In return, you’ll be expected to compete and represent the university in your sport, helping to build the university’s sporting reputation.

Competitive student sports

If you want to play team sports regularly without committing to serious training or competing for university teams, you can participate in intramural competitions. There are opportunities for regular but relatively casual competition.

Most intramural competitions are available for men or women, although there may be mixed teams in sports such as korfball or hockey. Some sports may involve university staff or the occasional graduate as well as students, and there’s usually around one match a week during term time.